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R32 gas Split DC inverter 18KW Air to Water Heat Pump

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FR series DC inverter low temperature air to water heat pump , European style, split design, R32 refrigerant, more environmentally friendly and more energy-saving. For heating use in cold regions of Europe, the indoor unit and the outdoor unit are connected by copper pipes, and the water-side plate heat exchanger is designed indoors, which can effectively avoid the risk of water pipes being exposed to the sun and freeze outdoors, and minimize energy loss. Improve heating and cooling energy efficiency.
FR split type DC inverter EVI low temperature air to water heat pump operates stably at an ambient temperature of -35°C~50°C, suitable for heating in winter and cooling in summer in cold areas, and has 5 types of domestic hot water, heating, cooling, heating and hot water. Optional features, hot and cold water. Applicable to different ends of floor heating, radiator, fan coil and so on. It can completely replace traditional air-conditioning, coal-fired, oil-fired, gas-fired and direct electric heating.

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FR Series DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump Product Introduction

• FR Series Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump,is operating steadily under -35R℃~50c am-bient temperature,for cold regions Heating in Winter ,Cooling in Summer, and with 5optional functions: Domestic hot water、Heating、Cooling、Heating&Hot Water、Cooling &Hot Water.

• Designed as Split Type,Indoor Unit and Outdoor Unit be Connected by Copperpipe、Installation With Simple、Flexible and Conveniently,The Indoor Unit can be In-stalled in Kitchen、Bathroom or basement、Ensuring less Energy loss、Also PreventWater Pipes From Freezing in Cold Winter and sun Exposure in hot Summer.

• Indoor Unit Mainly Components Includes: Water Pump、Expansion tank、DifferentialPressure Water Switch、Electric Three Way Valve、Brazed Plate Heat Exchangerr、Auxil-iary Heating parts.

• Outdoor Unit Mainly Components Includes: EVl Low Temp DC Inverter Compressor,-Inverter Controller、Electric Expansion Valve、Four way valve、Pressure Transducer、Motor、Hydrophilic Aluminium fin & Inner-Grooved Copper Evaporator、Refrigerantvalve and De-Ice Heater parts.

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AOKOL has developed a full R&D, production, shipping, and after-sales service system after 20 years of consistent growth and accumulation.

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Q1:Are you a manufacturer?
A1: Yes, AOKOL is professional heat pump manufacturer since 2002, with experienced and improved R&D, production, sales and service supplying.
Q2: Do you provide OEM/ODM customized manufacturing service?
A2:Yes, we warmly welcome your heat pump OEM/ODM opportunities. We can produce Europe standard heat pumps under your brand and according to your special needs.
Q3: Can you provide a sample?
A3:Yes, sample order is acceptable.
Q4: How is your price?
A4:We have our own factory not the trading company. There is no middleman between clients and us. We give customers the most favorable price.
Q5: How long is your Heat Pump delivery time?
A5: it is 1-7 working days if the goods are in stock. if the goods are not in stock, Generally 15-25 working days,it is accordingto quantity.
Q6: How long is the quality guarantee period?
A6:Our quality guarantee period is 60 months.Heating & Cooling & Hot Water Solution,CONTACT US RIGHT NOW !

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