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R32 gas DC inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump Water heater 1.65kW ~25kW

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BE series ,The DC inverter air source swimming pool heat pump,The syste uses a special working medium to absorb the heat in the atmosphere for heat exchange. In this way, the swimming pool heat pump exchanges heat with the swimming pool water through the continuous circulation of the refrigerant to heat the water and keep the hot water at a constant temperature. At the same time, it does not release additional heat energy during operation, and does not discharge harmful substances. The working fluid is completely separated from the pool water, which will not cause secondary pollution. It is a more environmentally friendly, energy-saving  product. AOKOL DC inverter swimming pool heat pump, independent research and development frequency conversion technology, – high energy efficiency, high mute. R32 environmentally friendly refrigerant, the company’s variable frequency swimming pool heat pump can provide users with a quieter and more comfortable swimming experience, and at the same time protect the environment by reducing energy consumption, saving more than 60% of operating costs compared to ordinary fixed frequency swimming pool heat pumps.

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AOKOL BE Series DC Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump Product Description


AOKOL BE Series DC Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump Short Specification



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BE Series DC Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump Product IntroductioP

•  High efficiency and energy saving, heat pump is not a heat energy conversion device, but a heat transfer device. Using the principle of reverse Carnot cycle, heat is transferred from low temperature to high temperature. Therefore, the heat pump can generate several times the energy in the process of heat transfer from low temperature to high temperature.

• The unit adopts fluorine-free environmentally friendly refrigerant, R32 Gas. DC inverter . Advanced heat pump technology and patented titanium coil heat exchange technology, which directly absorbs low-grade heat energy in the air to heat or maintain the constant temperature of swimming pool water. Its units are suitable for villa swimming pools, club swimming pools, and large swimming pools.

• This is a new type of energy-saving equipment integrating constant temperature, dehumidification and heating. It is widely used in the constant temperature, heating and dehumidification of indoor swimming pools. It has the characteristics of stable performance, safety and environmental protection, and is very suitable for large and medium-sized indoor swimming pool projects such as clubs, resort gymnasiums, etc.

AOKOL BE Series DC Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump controller


R32 Friendly Refrigerant


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Q1:Are you a manufacturer?
A1: Yes, AOKOL is professional heat pump manufacturer since 2002, with experienced and improved R&D, production, sales and service supplying.Q2: Do you provide OEM/ODM customized manufacturing service?
A2:Yes, we warmly welcome your heat pump OEM/ODM opportunities. We can produce Europe standard heat pumps under your brand and according to your special needs.

Q3: Can you provide a sample?
A3:Yes, sample order is acceptable.

Q4: How is your price?
A4:We have our own factory not the trading company. There is no middleman between clients and us. We give customers the most favorable price.

Q5: How long is your Heat Pump delivery time?
A5: it is 1-7 working days if the goods are in stock. if the goods are not in stock, Generally 15-25 working days,it is according
to quantity.

Q6: How long is the quality guarantee period?
A6:Our quality guarantee period is 60 months.

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