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Do you know the installation of low temperature air to water heat pump?


The main unit can be installed on the ground, roof or wall. If it is installed on the ground or wall, in order to ensure that the heat absorption and heat dissipation of the heat exchanger of the main engine are not hindered, the distance between the main engine and the surrounding wall or other obstacles should not be too small, and the equipment foundation should be prepared. The equipment should be installed on the ground and fixed with expansion bolts. If installed on the roof, the bearing capacity of the roof should be considered. Roofs that do not meet the load-bearing requirements are not allowed to be installed. If it can be installed on the roof, pay attention to the outlet direction of the air source heat pump. The outlet direction of the host should be set in the downwind direction, and the heat exchange effect of the main body is better.

Post time: Nov-11-2021