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Why choose an air source heat pump

Air source heat pump is a heating and refrigeration equipment, and the ultra-low temperature air heat pump is suitable for natural environment areas below -25℃. In many parts of Europe, low-temperature air heat pumps are widely used as a heating method in winter, especially in areas where the natural environment is relatively cold, ultra-low temperature air heat pump brands are more widely used.

In recent years, with the advancement of China’s new heating technology, the traditional heating method in the northern region has been gradually replaced. What has replaced it is the green and environmentally friendly heating that has become popular. So what are the advantages of the ultra-low temperature air heat pump in detail, and why should you choose an ultra-low temperature air heat pump?

The higher advantage of the low temperature air heat pump water heater is that it can still heat efficiently in the extremely freezing natural environment. The traditional heat pump unit system software at room temperature, when faced with low temperature performance challenges, the safety and firmness of the generator set often been greatly affected. The lower the operating temperature, the more often the energy consumption level and performance of the generator set lands.

It is very harmful to the heating of the heat pump unit. The ultra-low temperature integral air energy has undergone technical professional enthalpy increase control circuit and high-efficiency heat transfer control module, which greatly develops the efficiency of cooling and heating conversion, and improves the security of system software when operating at low temperature. The development of energy efficiency grades 15%, and performance development is above 20%.


AOKOL has developed into one of the most well-known and significant heat pump brands in China via 20 years of technological advancement and strategic market expansion. While dominating the Chinese market, AOKOL has also strengthened its ties with foreign business partners and expanded the distribution of its cutting-edge goods and technologies worldwide.


AOKOL has been a player in the European heat pump business for the last 14 years. AOKOL Heat Pumps, including Swimming Pool Heat Pumps, Air To Water Heat Pumps, and Heat Pump Water Heaters, have so far been exported to markets outside of China to a degree of around 50%.

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Post time: Aug-08-2022