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R410A Split Type EVI DC inverter Air to Water Heat Pump 10kW ~30kW

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F1 series DC inverter low temperature air to water heat pump , European style, split design, R410A refrigerant, more environmentally friendly and more energy-saving. For heating use in cold regions of Europe, the indoor unit and the outdoor unit are connected by copper pipes, and the water-side plate heat exchanger is designed indoors, which can effectively avoid the risk of water pipes being exposed to the sun and freeze outdoors, and minimize energy loss. Improve heating and cooling energy efficiency.
F1 split type DC inverter EVI low temperature air to water heat pump operates stably at an ambient temperature of -30°C~50°C, suitable for heating in winter and cooling in summer in cold areas, and has 5 types of domestic hot water, heating, cooling, heating and hot water. Optional features, hot and cold water. Applicable to different ends of floor heating, radiator, fan coil and so on. It can completely replace traditional air-conditioning, coal-fired, oil-fired, gas-fired and direct electric heating.

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AOKOL F1 series Split type DC Inverter Air To Water Heat Pump Product Description


AOKOL F1 Series DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump Short Specification

AOKOL F1 Series DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump System Diagram


What are the characteristics of air to water heat pump and several terminal combinations?

(1) Air to water heat pump + radiator

Advantages: The replacement is simple and can directly replace the original boiler heat source; compared with the direct electric heating method, the energy saving effect is significant; compared with the electric boiler heating method, the electricity capacity expansion cost is saved.
Disadvantages: high temperature heating, slow indoor heating, poor thermal comfort, occupying a certain space.

• (2) Air to water heat pump + fan coil unit

Advantages: The room heats up quickly; the fan coil fan in each room is independently controlled, which is conducive to energy saving; the water supply temperature is lower than that of the radiator, the energy efficiency ratio of the air source heat pump is high, and the operating cost is relatively low; the system is simple, flexible and convenient to install; the system It can be used for two purposes, heating in winter and cooling in summer. For users who have cooling demand in summer, the comprehensive initial investment cost is lower.
Disadvantages: slightly less comfortable, there will be slight noise, and some power will be lost.

•(3) Air to water heat pump + ground radiant heating

Advantages: energy saving, low operating cost; high comfort; the system has a certain heat storage function and good thermal stability, which can effectively offset the heating power fluctuation of the air source heat pump in extreme weather, making the system run more stable and reliable.
Disadvantages: The renovation of existing buildings will destroy the original ground; for buildings, the height of the room will be reduced; if there are construction quality problems, maintenance is difficult.

AOKOL F1 Series DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump Outdoor Unit


AOKOL F1 Series DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump Indoor Unit


AOKOL F1 Series DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump Operation Screen


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Q1:Are you a manufacturer?
A1: Yes, AOKOL is professional heat pump manufacturer since 2002, with experienced and improved R&D, production, sales and service supplying.Q2: Do you provide OEM/ODM customized manufacturing service?
A2:Yes, we warmly welcome your heat pump OEM/ODM opportunities. We can produce Europe standard heat pumps under your brand and according to your special needs.

Q3: Can you provide a sample?
A3:Yes, sample order is acceptable.

Q4: How is your price?
A4:We have our own factory not the trading company. There is no middleman between clients and us. We give customers the most favorable price.

Q5: How long is your Heat Pump delivery time?
A5: it is 1-7 working days if the goods are in stock. if the goods are not in stock, Generally 15-25 working days,it is according
to quantity.

Q6: How long is the quality guarantee period?
A6:Our quality guarantee period is 60 months.

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