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Split Type Air to Water Heat Pump water heater 150L~500L

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TW series  Split type  air to water heat pump water heater draws heat from the surrounding environment and works according to the reverse Carnot cycle. It is mainly composed of five parts: evaporator, compressor, condenser, expansion valve and water tank. By allowing the working fluid to continuously complete evaporation (absorbing heat from the environment) → compression → condensation (releasing heat) → throttling → re-evaporation thermodynamic cycle process, thereby transferring heat from the environment to the water.

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AOKOL TW Series Split Type Air To Water Heat Pump Water Heater Detailed description


AOKOL TW Series Split Type Air To Water Heat Pump Water Heater Short Specification

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AOKOL TW Series All In One Air To Water Heat Pump Water Heater Product Introduction

1. Energy saving

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of air energy water heaters is energy saving. The low-temperature heat energy in the air is converted into high-temperature heat energy through the compressor. Based on the same amount of hot water production, compared with the electric heater water heater, the energy saving is maximized, and the use cost is only 1/4 of the electric water heater. Compared with gas water heaters, it does not consume any gas fuel, and the use cost is only 1/3 of that of gas water heaters. Taking air as the main body and saving energy can not only save people's use costs, but also conform to the main body of energy saving in the world. This is one of the biggest highlights of air energy water heaters.

2. Convenience
The selling point of air energy water heaters is air, and for household items, one of the most basic needs of people is ease of use. Therefore, convenience has become the second highlight of air energy water heaters. Because the amount of air is not affected by indoor and outdoor, sunny and cloudy days, compared with solar water heaters, air energy water heaters are very convenient, whether they are installed indoors or outdoors, let alone cloudy and sunny days, and the temperature is above zero degrees Celsius. can use. In addition, after a tank of water is used up, the air source water heater only needs no more than an hour to make another tank of hot water, which can be used by the family around the clock.

3. Safety
Electric water heaters have potential safety hazards of electricity leakage, and gas water heaters have the danger of gas poisoning. Compared with these two types of water heaters, air energy water heaters exchange heat through the medium, avoiding direct contact between electric heating elements and water, thus solving the problem of electric heating water heaters. Second, because the raw material is air, it also eliminates the possibility of gas explosion or gas poisoning in the gas water heater, allowing people to use it more comfortably and worry-free.

4. Environmental protection
Energy saving and environmental protection complement each other, and environmental protection is another plus point for the energy saving advantages of air energy water heaters. First of all, the air energy water heater uses electric energy to compress air to produce heat energy, and does not emit waste gas and toxic gas, which is not only safe, but also creates a pollution-free bathing environment. Secondly, the use time of air energy water heaters is as long as 15-20 years. The long lifespan can not only reduce the cost and trouble for people to replace water heaters, but also reduce waste production in a sense, which is also an important aspect of environmental protection.

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Q1:Are you a manufacturer?
A1: Yes, AOKOL is professional heat pump manufacturer since 2002, with experienced and improved R&D, production, sales and service supplying.Q2: Do you provide OEM/ODM customized manufacturing service?
A2:Yes, we warmly welcome your heat pump OEM/ODM opportunities. We can produce Europe standard heat pumps under your brand and according to your special needs.

Q3: Can you provide a sample?
A3:Yes, sample order is acceptable.

Q4: How is your price?
A4:We have our own factory not the trading company. There is no middleman between clients and us. We give customers the most favorable price.

Q5: How long is your Heat Pump delivery time?
A5: it is 1-7 working days if the goods are in stock. if the goods are not in stock, Generally 15-25 working days,it is according
to quantity.

Q6: How long is the quality guarantee period?
A6:Our quality guarantee period is 60 months.

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