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Swimming Pool Air To Water Heat Pump Water heater 5kW ~130kW

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Swimming pool heat pump is a high-tech in the field of thermal energy application in the world. It is a device that uses electric power to transfer heat from a low temperature heat source to a high temperature heat source. According to the principle of reverse Carnot cycle, it is driven by very little electric energy, and the air heat source above minus 15 degrees in the air is transferred to the air generator through the endothermic working medium, so that the heat generated by the gasification of the refrigerant in the air exchanger is heated and released into the water, causing the water temperature to rise.

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AOKOL Swimming Pool Heat Pump water heater Product Description


AOKOL Swimming Pool Heat Pump water heater Short Specification


AOKOL Swimming Pool Heat Pump water heater Product Introduction

•  Super energy-saving products: input 1 kWh of electricity can output 3-4 kWh of energy.

•  High power: The output power of a single machine can meet all kinds of high-power heating or cooling occasions, and the floor space is small.

•  High safety performance: water and electricity isolation, no open fire, no leakage, ensuring personal safety, so it is the safest product.

•  Green and environmental protection: The use of variable frequency heat pump technology can save 65% to 80% of operating costs compared with other conventional hot water equipment (such as oil-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers, electric boilers,  etc.), and has no pollution to the environment.

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Q1:Are you a manufacturer?
A1: Yes, AOKOL is professional heat pump manufacturer since 2002, with experienced and improved R&D, production, sales and service supplying.Q2: Do you provide OEM/ODM customized manufacturing service?
A2:Yes, we warmly welcome your heat pump OEM/ODM opportunities. We can produce Europe standard heat pumps under your brand and according to your special needs.

Q3: Can you provide a sample?
A3:Yes, sample order is acceptable.

Q4: How is your price?
A4:We have our own factory not the trading company. There is no middleman between clients and us. We give customers the most favorable price.

Q5: How long is your Heat Pump delivery time?
A5: it is 1-7 working days if the goods are in stock. if the goods are not in stock, Generally 15-25 working days,it is according
to quantity.

Q6: How long is the quality guarantee period?
A6:Our quality guarantee period is 60 months.

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